Hey, fellow AMV Makers:) ^.^

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Hey, fellow AMV Makers:) ^.^ Empty Hey, fellow AMV Makers:) ^.^

Post  OhhJCz on Sun Nov 03, 2013 3:42 pm

My name is Josh and I am 14. I live in England and I have been editing videos for 3years. Around 4 people I know of in my area watch anime, none of them make AMV's. So it will be great to talk to other AMV makers and offer feedback and help. I used to edit call of duty videos, I was then inspired by AMV makers like yourselves to begin making AMV's. I won't be making anymore for a while due to school exams but I will offer learning editors help where possible. Nice to meet you all:)
Programs I use: After Effects CS5.5 and Sony Vegas 12


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