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noureddine1670-''Story AMVs''

Post  Draga on Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:13 am

Hi everyone ^^ i just wanted to show you some of my story AMVs ^^ , instead of making a topic for each amv , i'll put some in only this one , i think it's better :p

This is the ''story AMVs'' i made for the moment , i'm sure you'll like at least one of them...xD

Naruto Shippuden AMV ''Minato VS Madara" / Naruto's Birth :

Naruto VS Pain AMV ''Naruto's Revenge'' :

NS amv -Konan VS Madara- ''Konan's Faith'' [RE-UPLOAD] :

Trailer ~Ichigo VS Aizen~ Dedicated to Gregzanimationz :

Sasuke VS Naruto AMV '' Two Different Paths'' :

It's getting better and better ^^ so if you don't like the first one for example , watch the next one :p

Have a good day Smile


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