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AMV Network GR - Greek or Not Editors

Post  prayyyyy on Sat Dec 22, 2012 11:08 pm

I own a brand new website that shares AMV from all over the world but mainly focuses on (Greek) AMV editing.Its not a studio website or something and the main purpose of it is to gather all (greek) amvs to one place so anyone can find it quickly and watch it while the editors get all the credits.The website is using youtube so you get every view from the people that watch the video.Also by clicking the vid you go to editors youtube channel so you can get tons of views that way and credit it to your acc.This is the website:

AMV Network GR

Anyone who is wiling to cooperate with me and let me adverdise/promote their video while they're being watched by the public feel free to sent me a PM or post to me.


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