When are you considered a good amv editor?

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When are you considered a good amv editor? Empty When are you considered a good amv editor?

Post  Dan on Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:26 am

Hey guys i was just wondering what makes somebody a good amv editor, is it amount of subs? is it somebody who uses a lot of effects? i just want to know so i can set up some target goals ^^

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When are you considered a good amv editor? Empty Re: When are you considered a good amv editor?

Post  Mohgog on Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:21 pm

Creating good works makes you into a good amv maker that's the secret lol.The only question is what's your definition of being good...

Most important in works,imho,is originality,be it idea or editing style,better if both,though as i see ppl really like original idea much more than original editing style,so as long you're original and not repeating same shit over and over again in your works you're bound to succeed one day,cuz if even your editing isn't very good now,you'll get better with time as you make moke vids and will find a way to perfect your works...

And "being good" totally has no connection with amount of subs you have on YT.Actually YT is worst place to get renown for your works and improve as an editor,cuz most of YT amv viewers have really no sense at all what is good amv,not even saying anything about that they know mostly only mainstream animes and do not wanna know anything else besides them...

Same thing is with editors,YT is overflowing with beginners and more or less average editors,so you can't even receive a normal advice or critic there.That's about the reason why practically none of the best amv editors in the world don't have account on YT...
So it's like mostly up to you,what you consider being good and what you make amv's for,just for fun or with intention to be best,renown and etc.But if you really want to be very good at editing,you should enter other amv communities and learn from truly good and experienced ppl,cuz YT is mostly "just for fun" level.

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