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Crimsonflash Productions AMV&Parodies

Post  Crimsonflash on Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:38 am

From my first AMV to my latest one! (List newer on top and older ones on bottom)
--------------AMV--------------- (Bleach Blazblue Black Rock Shooter - Takedown ) (Aizen Tier AMV) ( Breaking The Habit AMV)

---------------PARODY!--------------- (Blazblue, Bleach & Naruto Parodies) (Blazblue Spirte Parody)

After Effects (Everything Above)
Sony Vegas (Everything Below)

---------------AMV--------------- (AMV Trailer) (Dead Space 2 AMV) (Bleach Story AMV) (Season 2 AMV) (Bleach Season 1 AMV) (SzayelAporro AMV) ( Tia AMV) ( Ulquiorra AMV ) ( Meta Cooler AMV ) DragonBallZ (Azien Tia AMV) (Ichigo Orihime Ulquiorra AMV) (Renji Rukia AMV) (Kenpachi AMV) (Nnoitra AMV) (Neliel AMV) ( Ulquiorra AMV) (Aaroniero Arruruerie AMV) ( Blazblue Noel Vermillion Combo Movie )

---------------PARODIES--------------- (Jungle Book Parody) (Parody 2) (Parody 3)

All of these took a lot of time and i hope all of u guys enjoy these as much as i did.

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