Naruto 597(Spoiler)

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Naruto 597(Spoiler)

Post  ViK on Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:18 pm


The torn sleeve of the damaged arm of the masked man slowly flutters to the ground.

Gai: This guy...has just one ninjutsu?
Kakashi: Right.
Naruto: Although I don't really get it, we finally landed a blow on the guy!
Gai: When it comes to analytical ability, there's no one who surpasses you, Kakashi. So please explain that guy's ninjitsu in simple language. Our battle tactics will greatly change once we understand how his ninjitsu works, compared to before when we didn't.
Kakashi: The way this ninjitsu works really is quite simple, so listen up!

597: The Secret of the Time/Space Jutsu!

The truth about the jutsu?!

Kakashi: It's the same as the absorption jutsu...his 'slipping' jutsu is the exact same type of time/space jutsu.
Kai: What do you mean? How can you be so sure of that?
Naruto: ?
Kakashi: I'll explain in sequence. First, the damage to that guy's mask. That damage was caused by my Raiton kunai. I was fairly confident of that, and the damage his left arm took from the Rasengan sealed the deal in my mind. The thing in common with both of the wounds is that he began to warp himself away only once Naruto made some sort of physical contact with him. Additionally...there's something special about both of these wounds. They were both made when the Raiton kunai and the Rasengan were warped away by the power of my Kamui.
Gai: ...! (Chinese translator: I totally don't understand Kakashi's explanation - sadface - I'll keep translating).
Naruto: ?
Kakashi: That is to say, from this we can tell that this guy's warping connected to my Kamui somehow.
Gai: Wait wait...wait! What's going on here? How is it possible that your dojutsu is connected somehow to this guy's dojutsu? (Chinese translator: Is it actually Obito?! -sadface-)
Killer B: Can it be that all space/time ninjutsu are linked together in some way?!
Kakashi: No...I'm afraid that's not the case. Just his and mine. (Chinese translator: OMG, it's really Obito O.O. It's getting more and more Obito.)
Masked Man: ....
Naruto: What's going on?
Kakashi: It appeared as though your attack slipped through him, but in reality, the point of contact on that guy's body simply warped out to another dimension. In other words, instead of describing your fist as 'passing through' that guy's shoulder, it's more accurate to describe it as not even being in the same dimension, as it was warped to another dimension.
Kakashi: But it was still substantial and real. At about the same time, I warped away my Raiton kunai using Kamui, which I had thrown at his side just as he was attempting to grab you. Then, as my kunai entered the other dimension, it left a mark on his mask.
Naruto: So it was the same with my Rasengan?
Kakashi: Yes.
Naruto: So that's how it is.
Killer B: But...why would it be linked to that guy's jutsu?
Kakashi: Where did you get that eye from?
Masked man: Where I got it from? Well...if you insist on asking, I got it during the battle at Kannabi around the time when you began to be known as the Ninja of the Copying Eye.
Kakashi: !!!!
Masked man: It should've already been said! Simply put! You who are capable of nothing more than unfulfilled promises no longer has any worth or value! Even if you have regrets, it is too late! Reality will continue to callously march forward! You who have always been pragmatic and practical should understand. No promises or hopes will ever come true in this world! And that is precisely why this world must go to sleep underneath the eye of the Infinite Tsukyumoni. It will create a world where heroes will no longer have to make excuses in front of the tomb of dead heroes.
Kakashi: Hahaha!
Gai: Hey! Kakashi, are you alright?
Gai: !
Naruto: You bastard, what are you rambling about? We have already told you as well! The will of fire will never be released! We have been entrusted with many precious things as well!
Kyuubi: ....
Gai: Naruto!
Killer B: Yup.
Masked man: Hmph...entrusted with many things...but Naruto...if you looked down on and despised that which Jiraiya and the Yondaime entrusted you with, how would they think of you?


Naruto and Jiraiya, in front of the Shrine:
If I can't find the answer, then I'll entrust you with the question...I am so happy to have taken you on as my student!

Yondaime: You must find the answer for yourself! I don't know it either, but you should be able to find it. I believe in you!

Flashback ends.

Masked man: If you fail in that which you were entrusted would you view yourself?
Naruto: ....
Masked man: Even if you use words like 'hope' to delay having to face it...the empty, pitiless reality awaits. Both the entruster and entrustee are rendered empty.
Kyuubi: ...


Yondaime: I sealed half of the Kyuubi's chakra into your body because I have faith that you will be able to fully control it, as you are my son.

Flashback ends

Kyuubi: Naruto...let me take over! I have some words that I absolutely must say to that fellow.

Naruto: !

Kyuubi-Naruto: Sorry...this fellow was entrapped by that fellow's words and schemes.
Gai: ...Kyuubi?!
Kakashi: !
Masked man: ....
Kyuubi: I, who was entrusted to Naruto by Yondaime...Naruto has treated me as a friend, and now totally has full reign over my chakra!
Naruto: !
Kyuubi: Yondaime sealed me into Naruto's body, with the intention of using my chakra to defeat you!
Naruto faintly smiles.
Kyuubi: Let's go...Naruto! Failure and despair, you won't accept either of them!
Naruto (Kyuubi-form): O-o-o-!

Totally defeated! Is this destiny?

We have spoilers!


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Re: Naruto 597(Spoiler)

Post  Dxgogan96 on Sat Aug 11, 2012 3:01 pm

So is this guy obito or did he steal his eyes

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Re: Naruto 597(Spoiler)

Post  IpoteticAMV on Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:38 pm

Dxgogan96 wrote:So is this guy obito or did he steal his eyes

Yeah I've been asking the same question for some time...but I think that Tobi is half Obito half Zetsu...that means Zetsu used his power to reconstruct Obito's body...anyway that's just a plausible theory Smile

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Re: Naruto 597(Spoiler)

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