Why hello there :D

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Why hello there :D

Post  ~>Cayn<~ on Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:11 am

Hi there everyone,

im Cayn, Anime Fan like everyone here (i know that since im Sherlock Holmes, but keep that a secret), Gamer for life and i like to get my head blown away by Dubstep (no, i dont like Skrillex that much, but he has a few good tracks/remixes). I also like to listen to hardstyle, hands up, happy hardcore, drum & bass, metal, rock, and some other stuff, but mostly what i've just listed.

my favourite game atm is league of legends, but that doesnt matter since guild wars 2 is realeased this month and i shall not be seen again outside my room after the release date (can play 3 days earlier cuz of preorder baby Very Happy )

most liked animes:

-death note
-one piece
-shaman king
-black cat
-soul eater
-fullmetal alchemist
-fairy tail
-digimon adventure I & II (everything after that was total crap)

yeah some other stuff, too, just ask me if you're interested.

i hope we are gonna have a good time together Very Happy

Greetz, Cayn bounce

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